The standardization process of the auto supplies industry

Huang Liqiang: the special committee of the successful co-automotive products since its establishment in the first half of 2010, the strong support of the relevant government departments and industry colleagues now have been developed and is being project, the drafting of the standards involved in the automotive refrigerant, car modification, car coating products car DVD navigation in-one product, car fragrance products, car headlights series of products, automotive aerosol fire extinguishers in a dozen categories.

Reporter: What do you think the standardization process of the automotive supplies industry

Huang Lijiang: I am personally very optimistic about the future of the automotive supplies industry standardization. For two reasons: one, the industry and the rapid development of the market needs; 2, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the State Standards Commission of attention and strong support; the requirements of the traffic management department of the government and the voice of consumers; 4, the product (service ) technology to upgrade and open the international market demand.

Reporter: In the future work of the used auto parts deployment, the association has a kind of plan

Huang Lijiang: With the deepening of the special committee of the successful co-car supplies, professional services also will be increased. In this connection, the Authority decided in the last stages of pre-established automotive lighting, automotive beauty maintenance, car modification, car seat and other sub-committee, around the exchange of information of special committees, technical conversion, product distribution, industry standards

These five platforms, and personnel training to carry out the construction industry standardization and industry integrity system. Member of the public welfare economic, legal advice, and actively participate in the development of relevant industries, industry reform, and industry stakeholders, government decision-making demonstration, participate in a hearing held by the government at all levels.